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Closed low temperature spray dryer, organic solvent, low temperature spray dryer
Device Name: Closed low temperature spray dryer
Equipment type: qfn - bl - 3
Equipment specifications: 3Kg/h (support customization)
Test machine: Supporting Test Machine to Do Experiments
Scope of application: Non-oxidized ceramics, superhard alloys, high-efficiency battery materials, condiments, healthy foods, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, organic drugs, synthetic resin, wax, etc.
Applicable scenarios: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine and biological industry in Universities
Is it guaranteed? Three-year National Warranty
Consultation telephone: 17317246351
1. Introduction to the functions and principles of equipment
     The device, especially for organic solvents, uses inert gas medium formed by circulating nitrogen instead of the usual air medium for spray drying. In addition to recovering products, organic solvents can also be recovered. A closed cycle spray system specially designed for the characteristics of organic solvents is presented.  
     The company's new equipment, evaporation does not necessarily need to reach boiling point, as long as alcohol in the external air does not reach saturation, then alcohol can evaporate at 30-40 degrees Celsius.
     Through this principle, our company has developed a closed cycle spray dryer capable of evaporating at low temperature.
     2. Overall structure (based on supplier's final design)
     The equipment is mainly composed of feeding system, heating system, atomizing system, spray drying system, inert gas circulation system, product recovery system and condensing system. Size: Length < 1.6 meters, width < 1.2 meters, height < 1.6 meters;
     2.1. Feeding system
     Feeding system includes: batching tank, solvent tank, feeding creep.Pump, feeding pipeline, atomizer, first of all, the slurry is put into the mixing tank. Driven by the peristaltic pump, the slurry reaches the atomizer through the pipeline valve. The atomizer needs to be equipped with an explosion-proof atomizer nozzle specially made by Shanghai Qiaofeng. The service life of the nozzle is guaranteed for one year.
     2.2. Heating system
     The heating system consists of a nitrogen-electric heating system. The closed heating element directly heats the drying medium (nitrogen) in the pipeline and passes through a set of pressure-regulating control devices to control the temperature accuracy within (+2 C) and the highest temperature of the heater is 110 C.
     2.3. Drying Tower
     The drying tower includes: tower body, explosion-proof lighting, gas distributor, temperature control equipment, pressure relief device, air inlet pipeline, air outlet pipeline, oxygen content measurement sensor and other components. The filter device is needed inside the air inlet pipeline. Under the heating effect of hot air, the atomized slurry evaporates and dries to the outlet where the powder falls to the bottom, and the gas is discharged and imported from the exhaust duct. Closed-circuit circulating pipeline, drying tower material: 304 stainless steel.  
     2.4. Product Recovery System
     The gas discharged from the bottom of the drying tower contains powders and organic solvent vapors. The powders and organic solvent gases are separated by a filter device, and the powders are recovered. The organic gases are recycled and reused in the condenser.  
     2.5. Gas circulation system
     Gas circulation is accomplished by a set of circulating fans. The drying medium is output from the circulating fan and flows through the condensation device, electric heater, drying tower, cyclone separator or bag filter. Then it is returned to the circulating fan for reuse to form a gas circulation system.
     2.6. Condensation system

     Condensation system consists of refrigeration unit, condenser, refrigerant circulating pump, filter, heat exchanger and connecting pipe. The "wet" gas discharged from the dust collector (including evaporated organic solvent vapor) enters the condenser. The gas is cooled by the condenser and then returned to the gas circulation system. The organic solvent vapor is recovered by condensation and automatically discharged into the solvent tank through the liquid level controller at the bottom of the condenser. The condensation temperature is less than 12 C.

     3. equipmentGlobal parameters

Closed low temperature spray dryer

qfn - bl - 3

Ethanol evaporation

 50~Three thousandmL/H

heating temperature

Forty-five-Two hundreddegree

Drying chamber diameter(mm)

500 mm.

Height of straight cylinder in drying chamber(mm)

1200 mm.

Cone angle of drying chamber


Heater capacity

3.5 kw

Total Machine Power


Occupation size

According to plant layout

Accuracy of oxygen content analyzer

Explosion proof type4 - 20 marange0-25%

Oxygen content in the system

less than3%

Pressure Range in Pipeline

at 50 ~ 1000 pa

Explosion-proof sheet type


Explosion-proof sheet material

316l / f46 / 316l

Explosion-proof sheet diameter


Minimum discharge area of explosion-proof sheet

3317 mm2

Approved blasting pressure

0.01 ±25%@200;0.012±25% @28

Sealing material


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